Colorado Office Hours

Our seven regional offices located throughout Colorado are available to help constituents address issues with the federal government. However, if you are unable to travel to one of these offices, we also host a series of office hours in your community. This is an opportunity for Coloradans to meet with experienced members of my staff, who can assist you with issues or concerns. 

Please see the information below to find out when we’re coming to your area. Appointments are required. If you would like to include a brief description of the issue you plan to address with your RSVP, this may help my staff to best assist you. If you have already contacted my staff regarding this issue, please include that information in your RSVP, as well.


Longs Peak Coffee and Paper House, 150 E. Elkhorn ALongs Peak Coffee and Paper House, 150 E. Elkhorn Ave.

  • Washington Office
  • Denver Office
  • Pueblo Office
  • Alamosa Office
  • Eagle County Office
  • Colorado Springs Office
  • Fort Collins Office
  • Grand Junction Office
  • Durango Office