Service Academy Nominations

Congratulations on your decision to seek an appointment to a United States Service Academy. The first step is applying for a nomination through our office for the class entering an academy in July 2015. All students admitted to our nation's military Service Academies must first be nominated by at least one member of their state's Congressional Delegation, the Vice President or the President.

Attending a service academy is a pledge to build upon the legacy of service, character and integrity of those who have come before you. I have no doubt that if selected, you will make Colorado proud.

Many Coloradans are most knowledgeable about the United States Air Force Academy located in Colorado Springs. However, there are four other service academies that offer their own unique and riveting experience: the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY, the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in King's Point, NY, and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. I urge you to visit their websites in order to discover what each academy has to offer. 

In addition to applying to my office for a nomination, you should also apply directly to the academies and ask that a pre-candidate file be opened for you. We encourage you to apply to more than one academy in order to increase your chances of obtaining a nomination.

Please review the frequently asked questions below for more information on the nomination and application process. You can apply for a nomination by clicking on the link to the right.

Thank you again for your desire to serve your country in this way. I wish you well in your efforts.



Michael F. Bennet

Senator Bennet’s Service Academy Nomination FAQ’s

What are the eligibility requirements for a Congressional nomination?

To be eligible, you must be:

  • An American citizen;
  • A legal resident of Colorado (or a dependent of military members who are Colorado residents);
  • Unmarried;
  • Not pregnant, and without legal obligation to support children or other dependents;
  • And at least 17 years of age and not yet 23 years old on July 1 of the year you would enter an academy (25 years old for USMMA).

I am actively serving in the United States Military. Am I eligible to apply for a service academy nomination?

Yes. As long as you meet the guidelines listed above, you are eligible to apply.

What must be included in my nomination application to Senator Bennet?

  • Photo
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Personal letter to Senator Bennet noting your reasons for seeking a nomination to an academy

What happens after I complete my application?

The most competitive applicants will be offered an interview. Unfortunately, the service academy nomination process is highly competitive, and our office is unable to interview all applicants.

Approximately how many applications does Senator Bennet receive?

  • Our office receives between 400-500 applications every cycle.
  • From that number, our office interviews 300-350 of those applicants.
  • Approximately 10-12% of applicants receive nominations to an academy.

What makes me most competitive for a nomination?

Our office takes a whole-person approach when selecting applicants to receive a nomination. We are looking for individuals with the following attributes:

  • Diverse leadership qualities
  • Competitive ACT and/or SAT scores
  • Efforts at self improvement
  • Commitment to community and country
  • Patriotism

Do I need to apply to the United States service academies as well as my members of Congress?

Absolutely. In order to accept a Congressional nomination to any academy you must have a completed application on file with the corresponding academy. You may receive a nomination to an academy other than your first choice. A completed pre-candidate file at that academy enhances your chances of being offered an appointment.

Is the application process for academies and Congressional offices identical?

No, you should visit each academy website as well as each Congressional office to determine their application requirements.

Does applying to both United States Senators and my member in the House of Representatives enhance my chances of receiving a nomination?

Yes, use this website to find your United States Representative.

Do I need a nomination for the United States Coast Guard Academy?

No. Admission to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy does not require a Congressional nomination. You can apply through their website:

Is my member of Congress the only nominating source?

You may also qualify for a nomination through the following offices:

  • President Barack Obama, who nominates children of career military personnel, deceased or disabled veterans, military or civilian personnel in missing status, or Medal of Honor recipients;
  • Vice President Joseph Biden, who nominates five individuals to each academy from across the United States per year;
  • The Secretaries of the Army, Navy, or Air Force, who nominate members of regular military, reserve components, and participants in the ROTC.

Will I automatically be selected by the academy if I receive a nomination?

No. The academies will receive a list of Congressional nominees from each state. The academy to which you were nominated will select nominees from those lists and offer appointments. If selected, you will receive an offer of admission (an appointment) directly from the academy.

What commitments come with attending a Service Academy?

An appointment to a Service Academy includes four years at an academy followed with five years of active duty service.

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