Join our Grassroots Organizing Team to Help Us Fix our Broken Immigration System

Senator Michael Bennet speaking with a constituent about the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

I've joined with seven of my Senate colleagues to announce a set of bipartisan principles to fix our broken immigration system.

Together, we agreed on a framework that:

  • Creates a rigorous but fair path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who are currently in the United States
  • Underlines the need to take more effective measures to secure the border
  • Establishes an employment verification system
  • Calls for modernizing and streamlining our visa process.

Now I need your help. Will you join our grassroots organizing team and help us fix our broken immigration system? Help us get a bill through Congress and onto the President's desk!

By joining this team, you’ll be part of an ongoing discussion on how to best fix our broken immigration system. You can send me feedback as we write the bill, be among the first to receive information and updates about progress, or just click one button to show your support.

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