Fighting Climate Change While Building A Clean Energy Economy For The 21st Century

Michael believes we owe it to the next generation to tackle climate change head-on. In Colorado and across the West, intensifying drought and wildfires threaten our farmers, ranchers, and communities. Climate change endangers Colorado’s vital water supplies, precious forests, and outdoor recreation economy. Michael believes in a comprehensive approach to confronting climate change that includes common-sense actions to reduce climate pollution, advance clean energy, increase resiliency of local communities, and grow the economy. He recognizes this moment as an opportunity to modernize our energy system, transition to low-cost renewables, strengthen energy independence, build critical domestic supply chains, and provide reliable, clean, and affordable energy for every American.

Michael is a leading voice in the Senate for bold climate action, strong clean energy investments, and collaboration among Western policymakers. From his seat on the Senate Finance Committee, Michael consistently has pushed to extend and expand clean energy tax credits and boost domestic clean energy manufacturing to secure American supply chains and help us compete with China. He also believes we should put in place a policy that would put a price on carbon pollution across the economy.

The 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law included a number of policies Michael championed including to expand financing for carbon capture technologies, protect our electric grid, and develop a national charging network for electric vehicles. He also continues to push Washington to advance strong greenhouse gas standards for vehicles and oil and gas methane rules modeled on Colorado’s leadership. 

Michael advocates for durable policy that supports workers, families, and rural communities through the transition. He introduced legislation that would create long-term sustainable funding for communities that have historically relied on revenue from fossil fuel energy production. This funding would also support transition planning and local economic development and diversification projects.

Michael knows that continued inaction against climate change will leave a less safe and healthy planet for his children and future generations. That’s why he has repeatedly said he is willing to work with anyone to break through Washington gridlock to enact ambitious policies that will protect our communities, public health, our climate and environment. 

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