Resources for Colorado’s LGBTQ+ Community

Colorado is a welcoming and accepting state for the LGBTQ+ community. Like many other Coloradans, I firmly believe that our LGBTQ community deserves to live without fear.

Club Q in Colorado Springs – a place of joy, acceptance, and community – was shattered by a tragic incident of gun violence on Transgender Day of Remembrance. As we seek justice for this unimaginable act, I remain committed to protecting the LGBTQ+ community, standing firm against discrimination and hate in every form, and helping connect our community with the resources and support to grieve and process this tragedy. Please find resources below.

Anyone looking to support the needs of the victims, families, and the community during this time can donate via

People in need of therapist services can access a comprehensive list of service providers here.

Additionally, there are several online fundraisers that have been verified by GoFundMe, all of which you can find here.


  • Youth-Focused Resources
    • Below the Surface: Below the Surface aims to help teens connect to and get support from the Colorado Crisis Services (CCS) text line. Text TALK to 38255 to speak with a trained counselor 24/7 on a personal, free, confidential line.

    • IMatter: I Matter provides up to six free therapy sessions for any Colorado youth 18 years of age or younger, or 21 years of age or younger if receiving special education services. Therapy is provided by licensed clinicians in Colorado. Visit to sign up for free therapy sessions.

    • Inside Out Youth Services: Inside Out Youth Services builds access, equity, and power with LGBTQIA2+ young people, through leadership, advocacy, community-building, education, and peer support. Find a list of LGBTQIA+ resources at

    • The Trevor Project: The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and mental health organization for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) young people. Connect to a crisis counselor 24/7, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the U.S. It is 100% confidential, and 100% free.
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  • Colorado Springs Resources
    • Cedar Springs Hospital – Cedar Springs offers 24/7 referrals and assessments by phone or online for individuals of all ages who suffer from psychiatric disorders, substance abuse, or co-occurring conditions. Call 719-633-4114.

    • Diversus Health: Diversus Health Lighthouse facility in Colorado Springs is a walk-in crisis center for all ages. They provide crisis services, counseling, and psychiatric therapy, as well as round-the-clock acute care for mental well-being. Call 719-635-7000. 

    • Hard Beauty: Hard Beauty provides recovery services including coaching, support groups, professional development, peer recovery support, and community events.  Hard Beauty will offer recovery services free of charge to anyone who wants or needs additional support at the Community Resource Event.

    • Inside Out Youth Services – Inside Out Youth Services, a nonprofit based in Colorado Springs, aims to build access, equity, and power with LGBTQIA2+ youth from ages 13 to 24 in the Pikes Peak region. The organization originally closed its Discord Server for the holiday break but reopened the virtual platform for the community to come together and process events of the Club Q shooting. Call 1-719-328-1056 or email them at

    • National Alliance on Mental Illness Colorado Springs: NAMI Colorado Springs creates and cultivates a welcoming community of peers who educate, support, and advocate for people and families living with mental health conditions. It offers in-person and virtual support groups.

    • Patterson Center for Resiliency: The Patterson Center for Resiliency provides a range of therapy services for children (12+) and adults, individuals. and families. Patterson Center for Resiliency uses a strengths-based approach, believing that all people have inherent positive qualities and that all people are doing the best they can with the tools and understanding that they have. Paterson Center for Resiliency will offer five free threapy sessions for people impacted by recent events.
    • PeakView Behavioral Health: Peak View offers complimentary assessments 24/7 for individuals of all ages seeking help and support for mental health and/or substance use in Colorado. Call 719-444-8484.

    • Willow Creek Wellness: Willow Creek will provide services to support anyone impacted by recent events in Colorado Springs. 
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  • Statewide Colorado Resources
    • 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline (formerly known as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) offers 24/7 call, text, and chat access to trained crisis counselors who can help people experiencing suicidal, substance use, and/or mental health crisis, or any other kind of emotional distress. Learn more at Youth can request a counselor who specifically focuses on the needs of LGBTQIA+ youth and young adults via call, text, and chat.

    • Colorado Healing Fund – The CHF has been activated and is now accepting donations in response to the Club Q Shooting. The public can securely donate through or by calling 720-235-8638.

    • Colorado Crisis Services – Trained counselors are available to help with depression, bullying, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, family crisis, relationship problems, and more. To get confidential and immediate help, you can: call 1-844-493-8255, text “TALK” to 38255, use the online chat service, or go to a walk-in center located throughout the southeast region (Colorado Springs and Pueblo), western slope (Montrose), northeast region and metro Denver region.

    • Mental Health Colorado – This organization provides a variety of online mental health screenings in both English and Spanish to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. The organization provides support for families, access to housing, and other services.

    • OwnPath: OwnPath connects Coloradans with behavioral health providers licensed by the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) and to search for specific services or use a guided search to identify providers or resources that best meet their needs. 

    • Transgender Center of the Rockies: The Transgender Center of the Rockies provides free social services open to the transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive community, including a list of supporting organizations for transgender and gender-variant individuals in Colorado.

    • TRUE Center for Gender Diversity – TRUE center at Children’s Hospital Colorado is the only comprehensive care center in the Rocky Mountain region specifically set up for gender-diverse children, adolescents, and young adults, according to their website. Call?720-777-TRUE?(8783) or email

    • YouthSeen: YouthSeen works to foster and empower the social and emotional well-being of LGBTQI youth and their families in all communities. YouthSeen provides resources and services to support Black and people of color in Colorado's LGBTQ+ community.
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  • National Resources
    • BlackLine – BlackLine is a 24-hour hotline for the Black, Black LGBTQIA+, Brown, Native, and Muslim community. However, no one will be turned away from the Hotline. The purpose of the BlackLine is to provide individuals with an anonymous and confidential avenue to report negative, physical, and inappropriate contact with police and vigilantes, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Call 1-800-604-5841.

    • Crisis Text Line – Text HOME to 741741 to reach a Crisis Counselor. Crisis Text Line serves anyone, in any type of crisis, providing access to free, 24/7 support.
    • DeQH Hotline – DeQH provides confidential support for South Asian lesbian, gay, bi, queer trans, non-binary, questioning individuals in the U.S. from trained South Asian LGBQ/TGNB+ peer support volunteers.Call 908-367-3374. 

    • LGBTQ+ National Hotline – The LGBTQIA+ National Hotline is staffed by highly trained volunteers who identify somewhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. They provide a safe space that is anonymous and confidential. Callers can speak on many different issues and concerns including, but not limited to: coming out issues, gender and/or sexuality identities, relationship concerns, bullying, workplace issues, HIV/AIDS anxiety, safer sex information, suicide, and much more. Call 1-888-843-4564.

    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in suicidal crises or emotional distress, prevention, and resources for you or your loved ones, along with best practices for professionals in the United States. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or dial 988.

    • SAGE National LGBTQ+ Elder Hotline: SAGE National LGBTQ+ Elder Hotline is a resource for elders and older people in the LGBTQ+ community who need talk with friendly responders or reach out for support. The SAGE LGBTQ+ Elder Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English and Spanish, with translation in 180 languages.
    • Trans Lifeline – Trans Lifeline’s hotline is a peer support phone service run by trans people for trans and questioning individuals. Its goal is to connect trans people to community support and resources. Call 1-877-565-8860.

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  • Donating Blood
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  • Coping With Gun Violence and Grief
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