Bennet Votes Against Adjournment, Highlights Need to Extend Tax Cuts

Calls for Senate to Extend Tax Cuts, Move on Estate Tax, Pass Defense Authorization

Washington, DC – Michael Bennet, U.S. Senator for Colorado, released the following statement on his vote against adjournment and the need for the Senate to act on key economic and national security issues.

“I voted against adjournment of the Senate because we have unfinished business. The Senate should be more concerned about doing what's right for the country and less concerned about campaign season.

"The Senate should have brought the extension of key tax cuts to the floor for up or down votes.  Both parties have played political games with the extension of the Bush tax cuts and with the estate tax.  It's past time for that to come to an end. 

“When we return, I will support a one-year extension of all tax cuts and will fight for a long-term extension of middle class tax cuts.  I have said for weeks that I would support a compromise that moves tax cuts forward.  I have laid down a concrete proposal and will work with any Democrat or Republican who is willing to move forward in a productive way to get this done."

“We should also move on estate tax relief that focuses on small business owners, farmers and ranchers, to boost our economy.  My plan to reform the estate tax would raise exemption levels to $5 million for single filers and $10 million for joint filers, hold the tax rate for the remaining estates at the 2009 level, and extend estate tax relief for farmers and ranchers whose kids want to keep using the family land for farming and ranching.

“Finally, some in the Senate decided it was more important to play election-year politics and opposed the Defense Authorization Bill.  Our troops deserve a Congress that works and a country that provides them with the resources they need.  The Senate should move quickly on this when we return from recess.”