Paving the Way for Success in Our Schools

Bennet Asks Coloradans to Share Stories of Red Tape Preventing Progress, Ideas to Create Reforms that Work

Washington, DC – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is continuing his efforts to improve our education system and is asking to hear directly from Coloradans about their experiences with red tape and bureaucratic barriers getting in the way of progress in their schools and school districts as well as their ideas to make school reforms that work.

“As a former school superintendent, I know how hard it is to make reforms that work, and I know that well intentioned ideas from the central office—and from Washington—sometimes make no sense to the people working in our schools,” said Bennet.  “Too often, good ideas run into walls of bureaucracy or get caught up in red tape before they can even get off the ground.  I want to hear your stories and ideas, so we can work together to create reforms that improve our schools, not stand in the way of progress

Coloradans can submit their stories and ideas in writing or send a web video at  Bennet will share some of the stories he receives on his website to help show Washington the need to reform our education system.

A link to the webpage is also available on the homepage of Bennet’s website.

This month Bennet kicked off a series of education events that will include school and classroom visits and roundtable discussion with teachers, principals and superintendents in Colorado and across the country to hear local ideas on how to improve public schools.  The visits are modeled after the approach Bennet took as superintendent, where he scheduled daily meetings with teachers and principals, and members of the community—conversations that helped build consensus and support for the positive reforms he implemented at the district. Bennet believes that the best ideas come from outside of Washington and wants to bring the voices, ideas and aspirations of teachers, principals, parents and students to the U.S. Senate.