Bennet Statement on Announcement That Colorado Will Receive Waiver from No Child Left Behind

Bennet to Attend President's Announcement at White House

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today released the following statement on the announcement that Colorado’s application for a regulatory relief waiver from the requirements of No Child Left Behind has been accepted. Bennet will attend the President’s announcement at the White House.

“As a former superintendent who has been on the receiving end of No Child Left Behind, I know that well-intentioned ideas from Washington often do not make sense once they reach the classroom. In a system where kids living in poverty face a 9 in 100 chance of graduating from a four-year college, parents, children and educators aren’t concerned with where a fix comes from. They just want the problem solved, and unfortunately, dysfunction in Washington has held up a fix in Congress.

“Now, Colorado has received relief from many of the one-size-fits-all elements of No Child Left Behind that disempower the people who are closest to our kids. This exemption will remove bureaucratic barriers to innovation and reform and allow Colorado to focus on what matters: improving outcomes for kids.”