Senate Votes to Proceed on 2012 Farm Bill

Includes Bennet-Backed Provisions to Help Farmers, Ranchers, Sportsmen 

Also Includes Measures to Improve Conservation Programs, Crop Insurance, Focus on Water Quantity

The U.S. Senate today cleared a procedural hurdle and voted 90-8 to proceed with the 2012 Farm Bill, which includes several Bennet-backed provisions and amendments aimed at helping Colorado farmers, ranchers and sportsmen.

Bennet, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee who helped craft the bill, said, “I have heard from Coloradans across the state who’ve said that the Farm Bill should be less complicated and should contain strong, effective programs to support farmers and ranchers as well as rural communities and rural resources. I brought that input back to my colleagues on the Senate Agriculture Committee which has put forward a bipartisan bill that will save taxpayer dollars and makes reforms to help producers, small business entrepreneurs, and community food organizations.”

In response to the input he received at more than 20 Farm Bill listening sessions he held across the state, Bennet secured several key provisions and pushed important changes to current agriculture and conservation policies, which includes:

  • A revamped conservation title that consolidates over 20 programs and provides producers with much-needed flexibility, while maintaining strong protections for land and water resources;
  • A strengthened federal crop insurance program for Colorado farmers that will provide new opportunities for underserved crops;
  • A robust support for renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives.

For more information on additional Bennet-backed provisions, click here. Current Farm Bill programs are set to expire September 30, 2012.