Bennet Congratulates Representative Ferrandino on Becoming Colorado's First Openly Gay Speaker of the House

At today’s commencement of the 2013 state legislature, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet issued the following statement, congratulating Representative Mark Ferrandino on becoming the first openly gay Speaker of the Colorado State House of Representatives.

“Mark has proven to be a thoughtful and tireless leader during his time in the legislature who has consistently fought to protect working families and expand opportunities. This is a historic day for Colorado as we celebrate Mark’s election as the first openly gay speaker of our state’s House of Representatives,” Bennet said. “What is arguably even more powerful is the larger trend that Mark’s achievement represents – in just a few short years we have seen our state and our country make significant strides when it comes to the civil rights of our LGBT friends, family members, and neighbors.

“But there is still work to be done. Washington must ensure that loving and committed LGBT couples are no longer relegated to second-class citizenship by repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act and doing away with other discriminatory policies that have no place in our nation’s laws.”