Bennet's "Coloradans Don't Shut Down"? Tour Continues in Fowler, Alamosa with Stops at Meatpacking Facility, John Deere Dealership

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today kicked off the second day of his “Coloradans Don’t Shut Down” tour at a meatpacking facility in Fowler, where he joined workers at Jensen’s Blue Ribbon Processing Facility.  In Alamosa, Bennet stopped at U.S. Tractor & Harvest, Inc., where he talked with workers about the importance of passing the Farm Bill in between stints learning about the farm equipment U.S. Tractor sells.

“Whether your job is to package some of Colorado’s finest beef products or to sell tractors to our farmers and ranchers, Coloradans are working hard to support their families and meet their obligations,” Bennet said. “Shutting down is not an option for Coloradans and it shouldn’t be for Washington."

During this week’s “Coloradans Don’t Shut Down” tour, Bennet is traveling across the state spotlighting Coloradans who are working hard day-in and day-out to pay their bills, in contrast to the antics in the nation’s capital.  Coloradans across the state serve as a model of good behavior and Bennet will bring their voices and stories back to Washington.

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services estimated the 16-day government shutdown will reduce our gross domestic product by at least 0.6 percent, which amounts to about $24 billion.

In addition to his stops today at Jensen’s Blue Ribbon Processing and U.S. Tractor & Harvest, Bennet spent yesterday bussing tables at a restaurant in Manitou Springs and joining the Pueblo Police Department for a ride-along. Tomorrow he will substitute teach in Denver, while Thursday he will serve beer at a brewery in Grand Junction and help sort and package onions at a farm in Olathe.