Bennet Statement on Announcement of Final Ozone Standards

Washington, DC - Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet issued the following statement on the Administration's finalized ozone standards as announced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today:

"The EPA has taken a significant step forward today by revising the ozone standards to protect public health. Now the agency must make implementation of these rules workable in Colorado by considering ways to account for the sources of ozone that do not originate in the state. We will work with the Administration, as well as Colorado's regulators, industries, and health and environmental groups on realistic approaches for the state to meet compliance.

"We can also find innovative and cost-effective strategies to reduce pollution that will protect the health of Coloradans while preserving our continued economic growth. Coloradans have a long history of collaborating to develop commonsense solutions to improve air quality that can serve as a model for the nation, and we can take this opportunity to lead once again."

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