Bennet Applauds Passage of Russia, Iran Sanctions Bill

Legislation Includes Bennet-Backed Russia Provision, Iran Sanctions Bill, and Amendment to Protect Assured Access to Space

Washington, D.C. - Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today supported the Senate-passed, bipartisan legislation to sanction Russia and Iran for their destabilizing activities worldwide.

The legislation includes a Russia sanctions amendment, which contains language from a Bennet-backed bill to require congressional review if any sanctions are relaxed, suspended, or terminated.

The amendment will strengthen existing sanctions and establish new sanctions and other measures to counter Russian aggression and interference.

"By providing an opportunity for Congressional review, we can ensure that the Administration can't roll back sanctions without justification or for inappropriate reasons," Bennet said. "Russia continues to deploy a wide range of tools aimed at harming the United States, and it is clear that, if left unchecked, Russia will continue to undermine our democratic institutions. The Russia sanctions passed today are critical to countering the Kremlin's continued threats to our interests and those of our allies. The House should pass this bill quickly, and the President should sign it into law. This will send a strong message that there are consequences for Russia's interference in our democracy."

The legislation includes the Countering Iran's Destabilizing Activities Act, of which Bennet was an original cosponsor.

The bill aims to counter Iran's destabilizing activities related to terrorism, human rights abuses, and its ballistic missile program.

"Iran poses a clear and continued threat to U.S. interests and to the security of Israel and other regional partners," Bennet said. "These bipartisan sanctions are designed to hold Tehran accountable for its destabilizing activities across the region."

The legislation included a bipartisan amendment, cosponsored by Bennet, to protect assured access to space.

The language in the Russia sanctions amendment would have unintentionally sanctioned the U.S. civil and commercial aerospace industry. The Bennet-backed amendment will ensure continued access to space for NASA and other activities critical for operation of the International Space Station, Mars missions, and weather programs.

"American leadership in space is vital to our national security and position in the world," Bennet said. "Colorado's robust aerospace community plays an essential role in maintaining that leadership. This bipartisan amendment ensures NASA and commercial space missions can move forward as planned and continues efforts to reduce our reliance on Russia in the long term."