Amidst the Hyperbole, Bennet Offers a Dose of Reality on the Economy

Washington, D.C. – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today spoke on the Senate floor to provide fact-based context to President Trump’s claims about the economy.

“If you only read the President’s Twitter feed—which I don’t recommend—you could be forgiven for believing that the economy was collapsing under President Obama but is now roaring under his administration,” Bennet said. “As usual, the truth is not nearly as partisan. If we ignore the hyperbole and exaggeration and review the actual history, the trends are clear.”

Displaying charts, Bennet compared job growth under President Trump and President Obama. He noted that the private sector has added jobs for 102 months straight—the longest streak on record—80 percent of which occurred during the Obama administration. Similarly, more people are at work in our economy than at any point in history—which has been true since May 2014.

“So, as in other parts of his life, when it comes to jobs, President Trump is once again coasting on his inheritance,” Bennet said.

“I will give him this. President Trump did promise that he would ‘be the greatest jobs president God ever created.’ And you know what? He has been the greatest jobs president God ever created—since Barack Obama,” Bennet concluded.

Bennet’s full remarks and charts are available on Medium. A video of his remarks is available on YouTube.