Bennet Visits With Students Enrolled in MSU Denver Apprenticeship Programs

President Biden’s American Jobs Plan Includes Major Investment in Apprenticeship Programs, Closely Mirrors Senator’s Student Apprenticeships Act

Bennet meets with students and graduates who participated in MSU Denver apprenticeship programs

Denver –– Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet visited with students enrolled in Metropolitan State University (MSU) of Denver apprenticeship programs. President Joe Biden’s proposed American Jobs Plan includes a major investment in apprenticeship programs that closely mirrors Bennet’s Student Apprenticeships Act

Nearly 80 percent of students attending MSU Denver need to work while they are earning their degree. Over the years, MSU Denver has worked with industry partners to design registered apprenticeships in construction, health care, aerospace, and other industries. Through these apprenticeship programs, students gain valuable work experience, while earning college credit. When they finish school, many of the enrolled students transition from their apprenticeship directly into a job at the same company.   

“The apprenticeship programs at MSU Denver have opened doors for the students and recent graduates through hands-on work experience in their chosen fields,” said Bennet. “We have an opportunity through the American Jobs Plan to better connect education and workforce development, helping employers secure the skilled workforce they need, while giving students and workers an affordable pathway to build a career and live a better life.”

“Student apprenticeships are a proven way to prepare students for jobs in the 21st century economy,” said Will Simpkins, vice president for student affairs at Metropolitan State University of Denver. “The Student Apprenticeships Act would help even more students connect education and workforce development, so they are ready to enter the workforce while they are completing a degree. We’re grateful for Senator Bennet’s thoughtful leadership on this topic as we work collectively to address the nation’s shortage of skilled workers.”

Biden is calling on Congress to invest a combined $48 billion in America workforce development infrastructure and worker protection,  including registered apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships. Specifically, the Biden plan supports community college partnerships that build capacity to deliver job training programs based on in-demand skills, closely mirroring Bennet’s Student Apprenticeship Act, which would: 

  • Create a new grant program to encourage higher education, employers, and others to work together to establish apprenticeship programs. Under the program, student participants would earn college credit, industry credentials, and compensation for their work. Employers would pay at least 25 percent of the student’s college tuition and fees.
  • Expand registered apprenticeship programs by creating competitive grants to fund costs associated with developing, implementing, and strengthening student-apprenticeship programs.  Grants would cover the development of curricula and standards, updated equipment and learning tools, and support services such as transportation, child care, and housing subsidies.
  • Revise the federal work-study program to include apprenticeship programs.  Your bill would allow eligible students to earn additional funds to pay tuition costs through work that aligns with their studies and intended career path.