Bennet Introduces Legislation to Stand Up An AI Task Force to Ensure Responsible Use of The Technology By The Federal Government

The ASSESS AI Act Would Create an AI Task Force to Align the Government’s Use of AI With Our Democratic Values

Denver — Today, Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet introduced the Assuring Safe, Secure, Ethical, and Stable Systems for AI (ASSESS AI) Act to make the U.S. government lead by example in the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI). The legislation requires a top-to-bottom review of existing AI policies across the federal government, and would generate specific regulatory and legislative recommendations to ensure that the federal government’s AI tools and policies respect civil rights, civil liberties, privacy, and due process. 

“As the deployment of AI accelerates, the federal government should lead by example to ensure it uses the technology responsibly,” said Bennet. “Americans deserve confidence that our government’s use of AI won’t violate their rights or undermine their privacy.” 

Although the federal government has taken steps to promote the responsible use of AI, it still lacks a comprehensive roadmap for its AI policies, regulations, and tools. The ASSESS AI Act would create a cabinet-level AI Task Force to identify existing policy and legal gaps in the federal government’s AI policies and uses, and provide specific recommendations to ensure alignment with Americans’ fundamental rights and liberties. The Task Force could also recommend standards for facial recognition, data protection, procurement, and risk assessments. 

The text of the bill is available HERE. A summary is available HERE.