Ahead of Judiciary Committee Hearing on Immigrant Workers, Bennet Calls on Congress to Pass His Affordable and Secure Food Act

Bennet’s Bill Would Lower Food Prices for Americans, Lower Wage Costs for Farmers, Bring Thousands of Farm Workers Out of the Shadows

Denver — Today, Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet released the following statement ahead of a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigrant workers and their vital contributions to the U.S. economy: 

“America’s family farmers and ranchers rely on immigrant workers to bring food to our tables every day. But everywhere I go in Colorado, I hear from farmers about how they don’t have enough workers – and how Congress needs to step up.

“My bipartisan Affordable and Secure Food Act, which builds on legislation that has already passed the House, lowers food prices, creates wage certainty for farmers, and ensures that farm workers have legal protections and a pathway to legal status. 

“If we don’t act, family farms and ranches will be forced to shut their doors and unable to pass their operations to the next generation, and farm workers will continue to live with fear and uncertainty in the country they feed every single day with the sweat of their labor. Congress must pass my legislation.”


Last year, Bennet introduced the Affordable and Secure Food Act to reform the H-2A visa program, provide farm workers with certainty, lower food prices for American families, and secure our nation’s food supply.