Advancing U.S. Interests Abroad while Protecting Our Nation at Home

Michael believes in a strong, thoughtful security policy that advances U.S. interests abroad while protecting our nation at home. In an increasingly connected world, threats to our nation’s security are often global. Events on the other side of the world can affect the economic and physical security within our borders. Whether defending against the threat of terrorism, cyberattacks, weapons of mass destruction, or climate change, Michael believes we must use all of our foreign policy tools to strengthen our national security.

Colorado is one of the best states for our men and women in uniform to train, live, and retire. Home to six federal military installations, Colorado is at the forefront of furthering our national security objectives and defending the homeland. Michael has worked to highlight the critical security missions in the state, as well as the value that communities across Colorado offer the Department of Defense and other national security agencies. Michael is a member of the Defense Communities Caucus and has worked alongside local partners to strengthen relationships among the private sector, military installations, and surrounding communities.

Michael believes a strong and capable military is vital to our national security. He has consistently fought to ensure that servicemembers have the resources they need to get the job done overseas, and that their families have the support they need to thrive at home. Whether voting for military pay raises and increased benefits for servicemembers and their families or for the tools troops need in the field, Michael has worked to ensure the men and women serving in uniform have the resources to defend our nation. Michael also has fought to strengthen our nation’s defense against cyberattacks. He championed legislation to bolster the federal government’s cyber security workforce and strengthen our nation’s cyber defense.

Michael has consistently supported measures to address the challenges servicemembers face, including the transition from military service to civilian life. One of his top priorities is ensuring that servicemembers and their families have the health care resources they may need, including behavioral health care and support.

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