Bennet Tours Transportation Technology Center, Inc

Innovative Transportation Facility Conducts Research and Testing for the Railway Industry

Today, Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet visited the Transportation Technology Center, Inc., a world class transportation research and testing facility.  Bennet toured the Security and Emergency Response Training Center and the Facility for Accelerated Service Testing (FAST), as well as viewed a locomotive demonstration on their testing track.  The TTCI facility is operated under the Federal Railroad Administration and provides research, consulting, test system engineering, training, and emergency technology solutions for the railway industry.

“The innovative technology being developed at the Transportation Technology Center is making railway transportation safer, more efficient, and longer lasting,” Bennet said. “The folks we met today are bringing a 21st century upgrade to our infrastructure.  Unfortunately, too often Congress does not support this type of infrastructure and research and development that helps build a better future for the next generation.  We’ll continue to fight in the Senate for better, smarter, long-term thinking and planning that will help Colorado and the nation compete.”

Bennet has been conducting a state-wide infrastructure tour to highlight innovative Colorado infrastructure projects and call attention to the critical consequences of Congressional failure to develop a long-term solution to our infrastructure needs. Earlier this year he sponsored the Partnership to Build America Act, with Republican Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri. The Bennet-Blunt proposal establishes a $50 billion infrastructure fund that can potentially support hundreds of billions in loan guarantees and financing authority for state and local governments.  The fund created by the bill would finance transportation, energy, communications, water, and education infrastructure projects.