Bennet Statement in Support of President Biden’s Diplomatic Boycott of the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing

Washington, D.C Today, Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, co-chair of the Congressional Olympic and Paralympic Caucus, released the following statement in support of President Joe Biden’s diplomatic boycott of the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing: 

“I fully support President Biden’s diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. American officials should not legitimize a government that serially abuses the fundamental human rights of ethnic and religious minorities, including Uyghurs, Tibetans, and the people of Hong Kong. The honor of hosting the Olympic Games must not go to governments, like the Chinese Communist Party, that engage in such blatant repression of their own citizens. 

“I applaud the governments of Australia, Canada, Lithuania, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom for joining this effort, and urge other free and democratic nations to follow the U.S. lead.”