Bennet: Colorado is Feeling the Effect of Climate Change

Welcomes President's Call for Action

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today welcomed President Obama’s call for action to combat climate change with an all-of-the-above approach to develop homegrown energy and promote efforts to responsibly cut carbon pollution. The President will lay out his ideas in a speech at Georgetown University this afternoon.

“Colorado’s economy is already feeling the effects of a changing climate – whether it’s a shorter ski season, the constant threat of wildfire or a multi-year drought imperiling our $40 billion dollar agriculture industry.  At the same time, our state is a national leader in energy efficiency, alternative fuels and generating electricity from cleaner and more diverse sources.”

“Today’s announcement can bring us closer to an energy future that safeguards public health, protects Colorado’s agricultural and tourism-based economies and begins to address dangerous climate change. It is past time for Congress to step up to combat climate change. From conservation efforts that protect our water resources, to cost saving energy efficiency measures, to job creating investments in clean energy, we can take steps to address a changing climate that is damaging our economy and our planet.”

During his time in the Senate, Bennet has been a leader in responsible energy development and environmental protection. He has pushed to improve conservation programs in the Farm Bill to conserve scarce water resources, worked to extend the wind production tax credit to promote investment in renewable energy technologies as well as introduced bills to encourage investments in energy efficient homebuilding, and improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

Earlier this year, Bennet encouraged the relevant chairs of all the Senate committees he sits on to address climate change by holding hearings on the subject during the current session of Congress.