Bennet Continues to Call for Transparency on President’s Foreign Conflicts of Interest

Washington, D.C. – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet last week sent a third letter to White House Counsel Donald McGahn expressing his concerns about the foreign policy and national security implications of the President’s conflicts.  

This letter addresses the President’s commitment to “donate all profits from foreign governments’ patronage of his hotels and similar businesses during his presidential term,” as outlined in the White Paper published by his attorneys.

“The White Paper provides no explanation about how this arrangement will be executed and statements so far have been insufficient,” Bennet wrote in the letter.

The letter seeks information on the following requests:

  • Describe in detail how the Trump Organization and the Administration track profits from foreign governments to ensure that the Organization is donating all profits to the U.S. Treasury;
  • Provide public documentation each year to demonstrate that all profits received during President Trump’s time in office have been donated to the U.S. Treasury;
  • Specify whether “profits from foreign governments” applies to all aspects of the Organization;
  • If not all aspects of the Organization fall under the definition of “similar businesses,” identify which of the Organization’s businesses and assets (such as real estate, golf courses, restaurants, productions, merchandise, clothing, and other business assets) will continue to retain profits from foreign governments.

“The same conflict of interest concerns that arise from a Trump hotel profiting from a foreign government applies to every business and asset within the Trump Organization,” Bennet wrote. “It is extremely concerning that any of the Organization’s businesses would potentially be allowed to retain profits from a foreign government—regardless of whether or not it is a hotel.”

This follows up on two previous letters sent on March 17 and April 11. In March, Bennet asked the Administration for full transparency regarding the Organization's foreign investments, agreements, contracts, and any foreign debt or loans. In April, he expressed serious concerns that foreign individuals, companies, and governments may use the President's connection to the Organization to influence the President's and the Administration's decisions. 

Click HERE to read the letter in its entirety.