Bennet: Colorado is Feeling the Effect of Climate Change_June

Welcomes President's Action to Curb Emissions

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today welcomed the Administration’s release of a draft rule to reduce carbon pollution from power plants.

“I support the President’s action to curb dangerous carbon pollution, because Colorado is already experiencing the negative effects of a changing climate.  The constant threat of wildfire, prolonged drought that imperils our $40 billion agriculture industry, and our shortened winters (and ski season) and longer summers all demand action.  Fortunately, Colorado is already well-positioned to meet these carbon reduction targets.

“Colorado has not waited for Washington to act.  For years, our state has led the nation by forging commonsense energy solutions that reduce harmful pollution, including our renewable portfolio standard, the Clean Air, Clean Jobs Act, and the recent, industry-supported rules regarding fugitive methane.

“I am pleased that the EPA will allow for an extended comment period on the draft rule.  I look forward to reviewing the details of the proposal and working to ensure the final rule reflects Colorado’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions while generating strong economic growth.”