Colorado Senators Announce Army to Stand up Stryker Brigade Combat Team at Fort Carson

VIDEO: Colorado Senators Congratulate Fort Carson on Stryker Brigade Combat Team

COLORADO – Colorado U.S. Senators Michael Bennet (D) and Cory Gardner (R) today announced the Army will stand up a Stryker Brigade Combat Team at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs. Over the past year, the Senators met with Army leadership to emphasize the value of Fort Carson’s assets to national missions.

“This could not be a better decision for our national security, for our Army, and for Colorado,” Bennet said. “We are confident that Fort Carson’s superior infrastructure, training opportunities, and personnel will deliver a strong and capable brigade ready to meet the security challenges of today and the threats of tomorrow. This decision reinforces Fort Carson’s strategic value and recognizes Colorado as an unparalleled place for servicemembers to train, live, and work.”

“This announcement is good for Fort Carson and Colorado, and most importantly the right decision for our military,” Gardner said. “Senator Bennet and I made the case to the Army that Fort Carson’s incredible infrastructure, manpower, and support will guarantee an effective increase in the Army’s readiness and capabilities. This decision also reiterates the continued role Fort Carson will play in responding to conventional threats posed by other nations.”