Bennet: Time to Act on Climate Change is Now

Bennet Joins Call for Action Following Latest Release of National Climate Assessment

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today called on Congress to heed the warnings of the National Climate Assessment released today and to begin work together on solutions to mitigate the effects climate change is already having on the United States.

The administration today released the 2014 National Climate Assessment, which summarizes the effects of climate change on the United States, now and in the future.

“Coloradans can’t wait for Washington to get out of its own way to address the damaging effects of climate change. Our economy is already feeling the effects – whether it’s a shorter ski season, the constant threat of wildfire, a multi-year drought, or a fundamental risk to our $40 billion dollar agriculture industry.

“The National Climate Assessment makes a clear point that the time to act is now. We take for granted our access to clean air and clean water, but those precious resources will dwindle if we continue to let politics stand in the way. It’s time for Congress to accept facts for facts and begin to work together on solutions to reduce carbon pollution and preserve our environment for our kids and grandkids.”

During his time in the Senate, Bennet has been a leader in responsible energy development and environmental protection. He has worked to improve conservation programs in the Farm Bill, conserve scarce water resources, extend the wind production tax credit, and promote investment in renewable energy technologies. He has also introduced bills to encourage investments in energy efficient homebuilding and improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings.