Bennet Statement on Senate Passage of Final GOP Tax Bill

Washington, D.C. - Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today released the below statement following Senate passage of the Republican tax bill:

"Tax reform should have addressed the real challenges in our economy by helping a middle-class family in Colorado afford housing, health care, child care, and higher education, while saving enough for a secure retirement. This legislation is yet another appalling example of how profoundly decoupled the Republican priorities in Washington are from the priorities of the American people.

"This bill burdens our children with $1.4 trillion in debt to cut taxes for the wealthiest businesses and individuals in America. It's as if my wife and I lived in our house but then asked our kids to pay the mortgage."

Bennet spoke on the Senate floor several times about the misplaced priorities of this bill and, just last night, about the missed opportunity to invest in our future.

Bennet used multiple charts to illustrate the math in the Republican tax bill. Three of the charts are attached to this release.