Bennet's Veterans Working Group Initiates Colorado Panel on Veterans Mental Health

Working Group says February Report Adds Urgency to this Ongoing Concern

At the request of his Veterans Working Group, Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today announced the creation of a panel specifically focused on the high rate of suicide among veterans. The panel will be tasked with taking a comprehensive look at the issue and with providing a list of recommendations for how we can do a better job supporting veterans on a systematic level.

“The VA just released a startling report.  It found that 22 veterans commit suicide every day. That’s just unacceptable,” Bennet said. “I support the VA’s ongoing efforts to address this challenge, but I think it is time for a comprehensive review of the treatment for those who may be at risk. We need to know where we can make the changes that will bring that number down.”

Senator Bennet’s Veterans Working Group is comprised of veterans, veterans advocates, health experts, service providers and others in the veterans community.  It is committed to helping prioritize the work most important to Colorado’s veterans in an effort to make Colorado the best place for veterans and their families to live and work.

The Working Group, formed in January 2012, is moving forward with their next set of initiatives.  The group has consistently highlighted the need to address breakdowns in how we support veterans dealing with mental health issues as a result of their service, including substance abuse, suicide, PTSD and TBI.

The group plans to finish their work regarding veteran suicide later this Spring.

Those interested in participating in the process or having information relevant to this discussion, please contact Becca Montgomery (