Bennet, Hickenlooper, Lynne Hold Roundtable Discussion on Health Care

Officials Worked With Health Care Advocates to Discuss Consequences of House-passed Bill and Ideas to Improve Health Care System

Pueblo, CO - Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, Governor John Hickenlooper, and Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne today hosted a roundtable discussion at Pueblo Community Health Center with more than 15 health care leaders, consumer advocates, and patients from around the state. The discussion focused on the consequences the House-passed health care bill could have on Colorado and ideas to improve the state's current health care system.

"The voices in today's roundtable echoed the deep concern I've heard all over Colorado about the harmful effects the House-passed health care bill could have on our state," Senator Michael Bennet said. "No one could design a bill less responsive to the needs of Coloradans than this proposal. And now my Republican colleagues in the Senate are crafting a new version of the bill behind closed doors. I have long said I'm willing to work with anyone to fix our health care system, but a bill that lacks transparency and input from the American people is not the answer. Instead, I will work with advocates, like we did today, to propose meaningful solutions for our health system."

"Today's discussion served as a reminder that we need to listen to people and look at data as we develop health care policy," Governor John Hickenlooper said. "In Colorado, we have worked in a bipartisan and transparent way to improve our health care system, and we have had great success. But if this federal Republican bill is passed, hundreds of thousands of Coloradans could be hurt. While we need reform, we can build from where we are to improve our health system."

"From listening to patients and health care leaders this morning, it is clear that the AHCA will take us backward," Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne said. "Back to a time when, in many places, people could be discriminated against because of pre-existing conditions, like MS, or asthma. This legislation does not meet the challenges of our health care system and puts coverage for too many at risk. Coloradans deserve better."