Bennet: Senate should act on San Juan Wilderness, Chimney Rock and Other Key Colorado Land and Water Bills

Key Land Bills Should Move Before the Senate Adjourns

Washington, DC – Bennet released the following statement on a series of public land bills stalled in Congress that includes San Juan Wilderness, Chimney Rock and several other key measures for Colorado.

“The Senate has stalled long enough.  It is past time to move forward on a public lands package that includes long-awaited protections for 62,000 acres in the San Juan Mountains and much-deserved National Monument designation for Chimney Rock as well as several other key bills that are important to Colorado.  These bills enjoy the support of local communities, business leaders and outdoor enthusiasts who share the goal of protecting Colorado’s natural heritage.

“Colorado is home to some of the most stunning landscapes and special places in the Rocky Mountain West and across the country.  I, like all Coloradans, treasure the state’s natural beauty, and we should work hard, every day, to preserve and protect it for future generations.   

“Southwest Colorado, where Chimney Rock and the San Juan Wilderness proposals are focused, is blessed with sites of tremendous natural and culturally significant value.  The beauty and iconic views of this area have attracted visitors from all over the country, bringing surrounding communities much needed business that creates jobs and boosts local economies.  And we need to keep it that way. 

“Taken together, the bills stalled in the Senate represent a major step forward in protecting the special places and scenic vistas that make Colorado great.  Other important pending pieces of legislation would increase year round economic development in our ski communities and rehabilitate endangered fish populations in the Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basins.  It’s well past time for these bills to pass into law”