In Response to Their Efforts, Bennet, Hickenlooper Applaud President Biden Waiving Solar Tariffs, Supporting Colorado Solar Industry

Announcement Comes After Bennet and Hickenlooper Urged Administration to End Threat of Additional Harmful Solar Tariffs and Provide Relief to U.S. Solar Companies

Washington, D.C. – Today, Colorado U.S. Senators Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper welcomed President Joe Biden’s announcement that the administration is waiving for two years the additional harmful tariffs on solar components posed by the Commerce Department’s investigation. The decision comes after Bennet, Hickenlooper, and their colleagues called for a swift end to the Commerce Department’s harmful investigation into solar energy components imported from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia, which has been devastating the solar industry in Colorado and across the country. The administration also announced important measures to boost the domestic solar manufacturing industry, which will help strengthen U.S. energy independence. 

“This is the moment when we should be doing everything we can to invest in America’s solar industry and accelerate deployment of clean energy,” said Bennet. “I’m pleased that President Biden has listened to our calls. This announcement is an important step in the right direction, and will help provide Colorado solar companies with the certainty they need to advance new projects, expand their businesses and grow their workforce, while helping us meet our climate goals.” 

“We must prioritize U.S. solar power to expand our clean energy economy,” said Hickenlooper. “It’s critical to reaching net-zero emissions. President Biden’s executive order will ensure our domestic solar industry can grow and create good jobs.”

Recently, Bennet called for an end to the Commerce Department’s investigation and for strong investments in America’s clean energy economy on the Senate floor. In May, Bennet and Hickenlooper joined a bipartisan group of their colleagues in urging President Joe Biden to expedite and bring the investigation to a swift conclusion. As a follow-up to their letter, Bennet joined a group of Senators in a call with White House officials to underscore the damaging effects of the investigation on solar projects, jobs, and businesses in their states. In March, Bennet and Hickenlooper joined a bipartisan group of a dozen senators in urging Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo to carefully assess the validity of the filed petition to investigate and expand solar tariffs. 

The solar industry employs over 230,000 American workers, including nearly 7,000 Coloradans.