Bennet: We Must Be Responsible Stewards of Our Land, Air, Water and Wildlife Habitat

Washington, DC – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today released the following statement in celebration of Earth Day:

“On Earth Day, we are reminded that the clean air, clean water, abundant wildlife and scenic vistas we pride ourselves on in Colorado will only be there for future generations if we work to protect them. We must act as responsible stewards of our natural resources and wildlife habitat so our kids and grandkids can experience the same healthy air, clean water and natural beauty that we treasure but too often take for granted.”

Among his several environmental achievements in the Senate, Bennet voted earlier this month to protect the Clean Air Act and signed on to a bill calling for a National Renewable Energy Standard on the same day. He is a cosponsor of a 25x25 Renewable Energy Standard bill to replicate Colorado’s highly touted clean energy model across the country.  Last Sunday, he also outlined his plan to legislatively protect the 107,000-acre Hermosa Creek Watershed in an op-ed in the Durango Herald.