Bennet Launches Veterans Hotline, Online Platform to Help Vets Cut through Bureaucracy

Denver, CO – Michael Bennet, U.S. Senator for Colorado, is launching a Veterans Hotline and online platform on his website to help Colorado veterans navigate the government bureaucracy and guide them in their efforts to get the benefits they have earned.

The Veterans Hotline, 303.455.5998, will be staffed by Bennet aides who will work with veterans who are having trouble getting their benefits due to the VA backlog or other issues.  The Veterans Benefits Resource Page also provides veterans with a direct link to Bennet’s office for assistance.  Additionally, the page contains links to state and federal agencies that can also help veterans with their benefits and provide them with important information about what benefits they may be eligible to receive.  The page is accessible by clicking on the red “Veterans Benefits” button featured prominently on Bennet’s website.

“America’s veterans are entitled to benefits and a quality of care worthy of their sacrifice,” Bennet said.  “But I have heard from too many veterans who are frustrated with the level of bureaucracy, the difficulty and the amount of time it takes to get their claims processed with the VA.  This hotline will give veterans access to someone who will work with them to wade through system as they file claims, appeals and deal with other issues with the VA.”

The launch of the “Veterans Benefits” page comes on the heels of Bennet’s statewide veterans listening tour.  Bennet launched the tour last month as part of an ongoing effort to reach out to Colorado’s veterans and get their ideas on how to address major issues including access to VA healthcare, services and benefits and the VA’s backlogs.