Bennet Statement on U.S. Postal Service's Modified Plan on Consolidating Processing Facilities

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet released the following statement on the U.S. Postal Service’s modified plan to consolidate its network of mail processing centers.

“It’s good that Colorado’s  processing facilities aren’t closing right now,” Bennet said. “But today’s announcement underscores the urgency for Congress to pass a postal reform bill that gives Colorado’s local communities a chance to make their case.”

In his work on the bipartisan Senate postal reform bill, Bennet has made clear that we must set the Postal Service on a new path through greater efficiencies and innovative business practices while also maintaining delivery standards and services—especially for our rural communities. He has also been insistent that closures for both offices and processing facilities include strong input from the local community. Last week, the Postal Service announced a plan to keep thousands of rural post office locations open under modified hours.

For processing facilities, Bennet’s bipartisan amendment, which passed by the Senate by a voice vote,  provides communities the ability to have a non-paid service protection advocate in closure proceedings. The amendment would ensure that the Postal Service remains accountable to the community and accessible throughout the process so delivery standards don’t suffer and the needs of local communities are addressed.

The Senate passed a postal reform bill on 62-37 vote.  The House has not yet passed a bill.