Bennet Urges Senate To Support DREAM Act

Washington, DC – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet released the following statement urging his Senate colleagues to support the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, or DREAM Act. 

Earlier today, Bennet delivered remarks urging Washington to put aside partisan politics and pass the DREAM Act without delay.  For video of Bennet’s remarks, please click here (full text available here.)

“Washington must take action to provide a common-sense fix to our broken immigration system.  But in the absence of comprehensive reform, Washington should work to boost our economy, strengthen our armed forces and help hard-working kids achieve the American Dream by passing the DREAM Act.

“When I was superintendent of Denver Public Schools, I saw the potential of some of our best and brightest students cut short, punished for the actions of others. These were kids who had grown up in our school system and who proudly call our country home.  A child who has excelled in the classroom should have the opportunity to attend college and then be a productive taxpaying citizen.  A child whose only home is our country should have the opportunity to serve our nation in the military. 

“Instead of punishing these kids, we should reward them for working hard.  And our nation will be rewarded with a stronger work force and a stronger economy. It’s time for Washington to stop playing political games and work to restore common sense to our immigration system.”

The Congressional Budget Office has projected that the DREAM will generate $1.4 billion in savings over ten years that will help reduce the deficit.