Bennet Statement on Inauguration of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

DENVER, CO – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet released the following statement congratulating Governor John Hickenlooper on his inauguration into office:

“This is a big day for Colorado and a big day for the Governor with an even bigger name,” said Bennet.  “Colorado is fortunate to have someone with John’s abilities and experience at the helm.  He knows there’s no margin in making enemies, but rather endless possibility in what we can do when we reach out to what he called ‘our alignment of self interest.’  Moving forward means working together, and nobody knows this better than John.

“Colorado, like the country, faces a tremendous set of challenges; none being more pressing than creating jobs, which the people of Colorado need, and balancing the budget, which the people of Colorado demand.  If anyone’s up to the task, it’s John. 

“John’s an accomplished businessman, a devoted public servant and, above all, a great friend.  And as anyone who knows him well can tell you, he is, as one newspaper of record noted, a ‘virtuoso goofball.’   He knows when to buckle down and be serious, but as I learned working by his side with the City, he also knows that a bit of levity can go a long way in even the toughest times.

“As our next Governor, John has some big boots to fill.  Governor Ritter deserves enormous praise for everything he has done on behalf of our state and I wish him, his wife Jeannie and their kids all the best in the years ahead.”