Even Snowboards Have Patents: Bennet Continues CO Innovation Tour with Visit to Never Summer Industries

Thursday, April 17, 2014 AT 10AM MT: How do snowboards make it from a block of wood to the slopes of A-basin?  The folks at Colorado’s own Never Summer Industries will show Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet the manufacturing process that goes into each meticulously handcrafted snowboard that is made right here in Denver at Never Summer’s manufacturing facility.

Never Summer holds a patent – the first of its kind – on its revolutionary “Rocker Camber” design, which provides the perfect balance between stability and edge-hold for a more aggressive free-rider and a forgiving feel for freestyle or an entry-level snowboarder.

Snow season might be coming to a close, but the folks at Never Summer are buzzing with activity as they work to deliver next season’s models to your neighborhood retailer. Never Summer is one of only a handful of snowboard companies (less than a dozen, roughly) to make their boards right here in the U.S. – at the rate of nearly 240 units per day.

WHO: U.S. Senator Michael Bennet

WHAT: Tour of Never Summer Industries Manufacturing Facility

WHERE: 3838 Eudora Way, Denver

WHEN: Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 10AM MT

Bennet’s visit is part of his #COinnovation tour, a series of stops he is making this week and next to inventive and entrepreneurial Colorado firms.  The tour comes in advance of the opening of a U.S. Patent and Trademark satellite office in Denver, which will benefit innovative Colorado firms like Never Summer through an improved and more accessible patent process.  Bennet coordinated the state’s effort to bring a satellite patent office to Colorado.