Bennet Statement on Independent Status of National Labor Relations Board

Washington, DC – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet released the following statement on the independent status of the National Labor Relations Board.

“Congress enacted the National Labor Relations Act to establish an independent board to determine the merits of and mediate these kinds of disputes. The NLRB should be able to review what cases it hears and make its own decisions without interference from Congress.

“Asking the NLRB and its General Counsel to publically reveal their litigation strategy prior to the actual case being heard seems to be in direct conflict with the independent status of the Board. The same Senators who are trying to deter NLRB action today, easily might support the Board’s efforts in another dispute in the future. Intervening with an independent body whenever you happen to disagree with it is a recipe for bad governance. This is precisely why the Board was constructed to resist bending with whatever way the wind blows.

“Congress should be working with American workers and companies to create a stronger economy with good paying jobs, not turning the Boeing matter into a question of which party is right and which is wrong. More broadly, as a former Colorado local government official and business person, I strongly support workers’ right to organize.”

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