FCC Report on In-State TV Broadcast Includes Potential Solutions, Feedback from Coloradans

In January, Bennet Asked La Plata and Montezuma County Residents to Submit Comments Ahead of FCC Report

Denver, CO – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today submitted a report to Congress regarding in-state television broadcasts, a longstanding problem for Four Corners residents’ who lack of access to Denver TV.

The report outlines the potential alternatives to designated market areas (DMAs) for defining local television markets, including possible implications for each alternative as well as feedback submitted during the public comment period. 

In January, Bennet called on Four Corners residents to submit their opinions to the FCC during the report’s public comment period.  Currently, Montezuma and La Plata County residents are part of the Albuquerque, New Mexico, DMA, and not the Denver DMA, depriving them of important Colorado news and sports programs.  Some of those comments were included in the report, which was required by Congress in the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010, a new law supported by Bennet.  

The alternatives to DMAs presented in the report include:

  • Using state boundaries to define local markets;
  • Expanding individual market definition modifications; and
  • Carriage of in-state news programming.

“To most Coloradans this issue appears easily solvable,” Bennet said. “Southwest Coloradans should have the same basic ability to see broadcasts from their own state as every other county in Colorado.  Washington’s failure to find a pragmatic solution is disappointing.  I look forward to reviewing this report and to continuing to work with the FCC, broadcasters and television stations to provide a workable solution for Southwest Colorado.”

In January, Bennet sent a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, asking the commission to use this report to take the first steps toward a common sense solution that gives Four Corners residents access to television broadcasts in their own state.

Bennet has also introduced legislation to make Denver television available to Coloradans in Montezuma and LA Plata counties including an amendment to the Patent reform bill earlier this year and the Four Corners Television Access Act, which he introduced last Congress.

For the full report, click here.  Section relating to alternatives to DMAs for defining local television markets, including comments submitted from Coloradans can be found beginning on page 26.