ICYMI: Bennet Discusses His Digital Platform Commission Act on Pivot Podcast with Scott Galloway and Kara Swisher

First-of-Its-Kind Legislation Would Empower an Expert Federal Body to Provide Comprehensive Oversight of Digital Platforms

Denver — This week, Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet joined NYU Professor Scott Galloway and tech journalist Kara Swisher on the Pivot podcast to discuss his Digital Platform Commission Act, the first-ever legislation in Congress to create an expert federal body empowered to provide comprehensive, sector-specific regulation of digital platforms to protect consumers, promote competition, and defend the public interest. U.S. Congressman Peter Welch (D-Vt.) introduced companion legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives last month.

Bennet on why the U.S. needs a new federal watchdog for digital platforms:

“I don’t think we have the expertise in the existing agencies to be able to regulate these digital platforms. We’re going to be totally outrun by them. And I think it’s completely appropriate for us to form a new agency with the expertise to do it.”

Bennet on the need to protect public interest from foreign interference on digital platforms:

“From my seat on the Intelligence Committee, I see almost on a daily basis the way foreign governments are attacking the United States of America through these digital platforms, and we can’t just sit here defenseless.”

Bennet on protecting kids’ mental health on digital platforms:

“As a parent, the place that I’d like to see us start is mental health…Our kids are spending all of their time addicted to these platforms…And that’s happening while people in Silicon Valley are sending their kids to camps so they can read books and get away from digital stuff.”

Listen to the podcast HERE. The bill text is available HERE. A one-page summary of the bill is available HERE. A section-by-section summary of the bill is available HERE.