Bennet Statement on U.S. Support for Ukraine

Washington, D.C. — Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet released the statement below: 

“Ukraine's fight is not just for Ukraine. Theirs is a fight for democracy. At the beginning of Vladimir Putin's lawless invasion, no one would have predicted how successful the Ukrainian people and their soldiers would be. Their courage, relentlessness, and sacrifice have exposed Putin's weakness and renewed the world's faith in democracy.

“As the Ukrainian people continue to give their lives, the United States has an essential and unique role to lead the free world in Ukraine's defense. The future of democracy is at stake.

“I objected tonight to proceeding to the Continuing Resolution because it failed to provide additional money for Ukraine. Senate Leadership needed to reaffirm our bipartisan commitment to sustain funding for Ukraine. The Senate Leadership has released such a statement, and, as a result, I voted to keep the government open."