Bennet Warns Veterans of Marketing Scam

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is warning Veterans attempting to reach the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) about a marketing scam.

A marketing company has purchased two toll-free numbers almost identical to the VBA toll-free numbers to trick Veterans who have mistakenly dialed the wrong number into providing credit card numbers and other private information.

Bennet’s office learned of the scam from the VA earlier today. According to the VA, the marketing company tries to mislead Veterans into volunteering their personal information by offering a free Walmart gift card in exchange. When asked if they are the Veterans Affairs office, the marketing company replies vaguely and explains that the Veterans Affairs office is very busy. They respond yes when asked if they can help with VA benefits and they may even offer to transfer callers after requesting credit card information.

The two scam numbers identified by the VA are:

  • 800-872-1000 – similar to the Veterans Benefits Administration's main number 800-827-1000
  • 888-442-4511 – similar to the GI-Bill number 888-442-4551

Veterans are encouraged to use care when calling VA national lines and to be aware that the VBA office does not sell gift cards or ask for credit card information.