Bennet Introduces Resolution to Celebrate Latinas During Women’s History Month

Washington, D.C. – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, along with a group of Democratic colleagues, this month introduced a resolution to celebrate and recognize the heritage, culture, and contributions of Latinas in the United States during National Women’s History Month.

“Latinas are an integral part of our identity predating our statehood—developing the acequias we still use today and laying the foundation for generations to come,” Bennet said. “As Colorado grew, so did Latinas’ influence—opening businesses, running for office, teaching our children, and serving our country. With this resolution, we recognize these contributions and celebrate the Latina leaders who continue to drive innovation and activism in our state. As we look to the future, we commit to creating more opportunities for Latinas’ success and never forgetting the foundational role they hold in our history.”

A copy of the resolution is available HERE.