Bennet Sets the Record Straight on Colorado’s Leadership on Voting

Denver - Today, Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet set the record straight following partisan misrepresentations of Colorado’s elections.

“In Colorado, we welcome the opportunity to compare our elections to other states. Unlike anti-democratic politicians in Georgia, Colorado legislators came together in a bipartisan way to make it easier for people to register, receive their ballot, and vote while maintaining the highest standards for election security. Instead of making it illegal to give people food and water while they wait in line to vote, Colorado adopted reforms to automatically mail every active voter a ballot with reasonable safeguards for election integrity. It’s why we had the second-highest turnout in America in 2020 with zero evidence of meaningful fraud. We are proud of our elections in Colorado and hope other states can learn from our example.”

Colorado is a national leader when it comes to vote-by-mail, voter turnout, and election security. Colorado is one of only five states where the overwhelming majority of people vote by mail. The state automatically mails every active registered voter a ballot. Voters can then choose to return their ballot by mail or at one of many secure drop boxes. Coloradans can also take the ballot to a Voter Service and Polling Center to vote in person. In the 2020 Colorado primaries, 99.3 percent of voters cast a mail-in ballot. In the 2020 general election, Colorado had the second-highest voter turnout in the country with 76% of eligible voters casting their ballots.