Bennet: December Jobs Numbers Show Need for Immediate Action

Today, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet said that the U.S. Department of Labor's unemployment numbers for December 2009, which show unemployment in Colorado increasing to 7.5 percent, is a sign that immediate action is necessary to ensure the economic recovery is not a jobless recovery:

"This morning, we received yet another reminder of the challenges facing Coloradans in this economy. And while Colorado is faring better than most states, ‘less bad' comes as little comfort for folks trying to find a job as we emerge from this recession.

"It should come as no surprise to anyone that some in Washington will use these numbers to their own political advantage. But Coloradans - especially those who still can't find a job - aren't interested in the political blame game. They want solutions, they want results and they want us to work together to create good-paying jobs, support small business and grow our economy.

"Just last week, I hosted a jobs forum with Coloradans from across the state. I left the experience all the more optimistic about Colorado's prospect for the future, and what we can do to spur job creation and economic growth if we work together.

"Our focus needs to be on jobs, on putting people back to work, on ensuring that Coloradans can stay in their homes, and on making sure that small businesses get the capital they need from the same Wall Street banks that helped put us here in the first place.

"I also urge the Senate to pass an extension of unemployment benefits to provide ongoing relief to those still looking for work."