Bennet Statement on Appropriations Package Vote

Washington, D.C. — Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet released the following statement after voting against a government funding bill that did not include aid for Ukraine: 

“I voted against tonight’s appropriations legislation because it failed to include any financial support for Ukraine. Since Putin’s invasion two years ago, the Ukrainian people have fought on the front lines for freedom and democracy. Tonight, they are running out of bullets and artillery.   

“Over a month ago, the Senate passed a national security package with 70 votes. Speaker Johnson has refused to bring this legislation to the House floor for a vote even though it has bipartisan support. 

“Speaker Johnson claims he will hold a vote on the national security assistance after the Easter recess. House Republicans who care about maintaining our national security, defending democracy, and defeating tyranny must hold Speaker Johnson to his word and fulfill our obligation to Ukraine. 

“I have worked hard in the Senate to pass bipartisan support for Ukraine, and we must continue to fight until Speaker Johnson allows a vote in the House. If the Speaker puts Ukraine funding on the Floor, it will pass with a bipartisan vote; if he does not, he will have to explain why he lost Ukraine.”