Bennet, 43 Senators Introduce Resolution to Stand Up for Women’s Reproductive Rights

Resolution pushes back against legislation recently passed in Georgia, Alabama, and other states to undermine women’s access to reproductive health care and overturn Roe v. Wade

Washington, D.C. – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet this week with 43 of his Democratic colleagues in the Senate stood up for women’s reproductive rights, including the right to safe, legal abortion, and introduced a resolution supporting women’s reproductive rights in the U.S. The resolution, which affirms their support of women’s access to reproductive health care and women’s right to make their own health care decisions, comes on the heels of legislative efforts in Georgia, Alabama, and other states intended to undermine women’s reproductive rights and ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade. The resolution is one of many ways people across the country have stood up and spoken out against the efforts to undermine the constitutionally protected right to safe, legal abortion.

“Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, and states across the country are attempting to roll back the clock in a blatant attack on women and their right to access reproductive health care. We will fight this because every woman deserves the right to make her own health care decisions,” Bennet said. “Our resolution recognizes that Roe v. Wade is settled law and affirms our commitment to defending a woman’s access to safe and legal abortion.”  

The text of the resolution is available HERE.