Bennet Statement on Senate's Vote to End Obstruction, Reform Filibuster for Nominations

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today issued the following statement on the Senate’s vote to require a simple majority, instead of 60 votes, to consider and confirm executive nominations and most judicial nominations.  Nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court may still be subject to a 60-vote threshold.  Bennet voted to reform the Senate rules.

“Washington continues to be the land of flickering lights.  Time and time again it has failed to respond to the needs of Colorado families and businesses.

“Coloradans don’t care about our party affiliation.  They want Congress to work together and respond to the nation’s needs – much like we did this week when I worked with Republicans to pass a bipartisan bill to make our prescription drug supply chain more secure.

“Only through working together will we be able to create a 21st century energy strategy, implement a workable immigration system that secures the border and supports our economy, pass a Farm Bill that gives certainty to our farmers and ranchers, and support schools that will prepare our kids for success.  Unfortunately, the abuse of the Senate’s filibuster rule by a minority of senators has been part of the problem.”

“This obstruction of so many nominees is essentially a partial shutdown of or government that hurts our small businesses, our economy, and our ability to remain competitive around the world.”

Bennet has been a long-time supporter of reforms to the Senate rules to help the Senate conduct its business more efficiently. In 2010, Bennet unveiled a series of reforms including changes to the filibuster and secret holds. Bennet supported the Senate’s bipartisan agreement in 2011 to end secret holds and to limit the use of the filibuster on motions to proceed.