CLUB 20 Passes Resolution Supporting Efforts to Fix Broken Immigration System

Resolution passed by Unanimous Consent

CLUB 20, a business advocacy group for Colorado’s 22 Western Counties, this afternoon passed a resolution supporting the “bipartisan nature” and “broad coalition” of the Senate’s immigration overhaul bill, which was written by the bipartisan “Gang of 8” Senators that included Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet.

The resolution – passed by unanimous consent at today’s fall meeting of the Board – encouraged the Colorado Congressional delegation to support the principles of the bill.

That immigration bill, which passed the Senate in June, makes important fixes to an outdated visa system, provides significantly more tools and resources to secure the border, establishes a sensible system for the future flow of immigration, and creates a tough but fair path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

“There’s no place more affected by our broken immigration system than the West Slope,” Bennet said. “From peach growers to tourism companies to local businesses, our Western Slope communities are hurt by our country’s immigration policies. The rest of our state is also suffering – ranchers on the Eastern Plains, high-tech companies along the Front Range, and ski resorts in our mountain towns. Colorado needs an immigration system that works for us, not against us, and CLUB 20, by virtue of its vote today, recognizes this salient fact.”

“CLUB 20 represents the interests of Colorado’s western counties. Those counties are hurt by our country’s broken immigration system,” Steve Reynolds, Chair of Club 20, said. “Something needs to be done.  Some fix needs to be made, and while the Senate’s immigration bill might not be perfect, it’s a good compromise that will help Western Colorado.  The alternative – doing nothing and maintaining the status quo – is not acceptable.”

The immigration bill passed the Senate in June with a bipartisan 68-32 vote.  The House of Representatives has not yet voted upon the bill or an alternative.

CLUB 20’s resolution today also acknowledged the Colorado Compact for serving as a “catalyst” for federal immigration reform.  The Compact is a set of immigration principles designed to inform a national discussion on comprehensive immigration reform from Colorado’s perspective.  The effort was spearheaded by Bennet and former Republican Senator Hank Brown.  CLUB 20 signed onto the Compact last year.