Bennet Statement on Government Funding Vote

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet released the following statement after voting against a government funding bill that did not include aid for Ukraine:

“In September, I objected to a short-term bill that failed to provide future funding to Ukraine. I thought our lack of military and humanitarian support would embolden Ukraine’s opponents, who have worked to undermine our resolve since the beginning of this war. 

“Tonight, I voted against this funding bill because it similarly failed to include aid for Ukraine. 

“Ukraine never asked for this war, but I am convinced Ukraine can win it. Putin also knows Ukraine can win on the actual battlefield — he is hoping to win on the Capitol Hill battlefield. This moment is a significant test of America’s resolve and democracy’s ability to endure, and we cannot fail. And, both our adversaries and allies are watching.

“Congress must work swiftly in the coming weeks to craft an aid package that supports our allies in Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, and provides humanitarian aid to Gaza. We have no time to waste.”