ICYMI: Bennet Discusses Need to Invest in the American People, Combat Climate Change in Build Back Better Budget on Andrea Mitchell Reports

Bennet Continues Push for Strong Climate Provisions in the Build Back Better Package


Washington, D.C. Today, Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet appeared on Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC to discuss the need for Congress to invest in the American people and combat climate change in the Build Back Better budget. 

Bennet on climate change in Colorado:

“We spent the entire summer in many parts of the state not being able to see the mountains. Imagine that Andrea, people live in our state and come to Colorado, move to Colorado, so they can see the mountains. But because of the smoke from California, we weren't able to see it. The Colorado River is at a vanishingly small flow at this point. And as a result of that Arizona is going to have to cut back on its water. This year, we had mudslides that closed I-70, day after day after day, you know, seriously diminishing the economy on the Western Slope of Colorado. So these issues are here today as a result of climate change. They are affecting our economy in Colorado today. They're affecting our culture today.”

Bennet on investing in the American people in Build Back Better:

“...After decades of spending $5.6 trillion for two wars in the Middle East that lasted for 20 years and after decades of $5 trillion of tax cuts going to the wealthiest people in America, we finally are on the cusp of making major investments in the American people and in our infrastructure and I think that's long overdue.”

Bennet on the threat climate change poses to national security:

“...Climate change is a national security threat. It's a global security threat. When we see people going hungry because of climate change, when we see seaways changing because of climate change, when we see...refugee crises being provoked, because of climate change, the world has to act. And the world cannot act without the leadership of the United States of America.”

Watch the full interview HERE.